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Posting Date:  Nov 24, 2022
Company:  AVL MTC Motortestcenter AB

Trollhättan, SE

Job ID:  29981

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation and testing in the automotive industry, and in other sectors. As a global technology leader, AVL provides concepts, solutions and methodologies in the fields of e-mobility, ADAS and autonomous driving, vehicle integration, digitalization, virtualization, Big Data, and much more.


Thesis work - Bolt loosening prevention

Background-  The threaded fastener (bolt) is one of the most widely used type of fastener in powertrains. A proper bolted joint not only depend upon the assembly method and bolt position but also the design and quality of the bolt itself. Bolts are proven to self-loose due to external loads and vibrations if a proper design is not selected. If a bolt come loose, it can impair the function of the powertrain. There are methods to avoid self-loosening by using special kind of washers and/or applying Loctite to the threads but they have their own limitation. Therefore, the focus within this thesis work will be to understand the bolt loosening phenomena due to external loads/vibration and perform sensitivity analysis of it to the bolt design/dimensions, jointed material.





The purpose of the thesis is to create 
•    Guidelines for dimensioning of the bolt/bolted joint.
•    Simple tool(s) to predict bolt failure due to preload loss.


•    Conduct a literature survey and background investigation to understand the causes of preload losses in bolts.
•    Develop a detailed FE model to investigate the preload loss by using DOE method.
•    Identify/define equations and model to calculate the preload losses. 
•    Define a method/process to recommend bolt dimensions for a specific application and align it with available test results.
•    Document methods and process in a design guideline.


  • Abaqus, ANSA, MS Office




  • You are a M.Sc. student within mechanical engineering, vehicle engineering or engineering physics with a good understanding of modelling and simulations.




  • Thesis work 2022/2023



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