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Posting Date:  Nov 24, 2022
Company:  AVL MTC Motortestcenter AB

Trollhättan, SE

Job ID:  29980

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation and testing in the automotive industry, and in other sectors. As a global technology leader, AVL provides concepts, solutions and methodologies in the fields of e-mobility, ADAS and autonomous driving, vehicle integration, digitalization, virtualization, Big Data, and much more.


Thesis Work - Park lock development tool Background

Background -  Most vehicles must have means to maintain the vehicle stationary in hill and when impacted. One common solution for this is to have a gear and a ratchet pawl within the transmission. This sub-system is historically found in automatic passenger cars but is now common in electric vehicles and cars with CVT-, DCT-, and DHT-transmissions. It is a relatively small subsystem comprised by simple components but it is subjected to many requirements for safety, durability, and function. During development there are also several other factors to consider like packaging, actuation etc. 


In order to arrive at a robust park lock design it is very important to make the right decisions during the development of the park lock system. And to support this efficient analysis tools are needed. Tools that give access to relevant information of sufficient quality at the right point in time in the development process.  


A series of thesis works has been performed on this subject to develop these tools. This thesis is aimed to extend and interlink the chain of tools to develop the procedure further. 





The purpose of the thesis is to 
•    Extend the method with dynamic simulation in AMESim. 
•    Extend the generated output by implementing basic calculations in e.g. MATLAB, based on the available input data.
•    Continue the alignment and utilization of input and output data between different tools – one data source, tools sharing parametrization and system description. 
•    Adding systems of different topology to the tool.


With these features in place it is possible to perform comparative analyses of different system, assessing key characteristics, and to perform parameter sensitivity studies providing a deeper understanding of the system. Extending the tools enables comparison of results. Depending on the availability of hardware and existing test data it is also desired to perform validation of the method. 


•    Understand the park lock system and requirements put upon it.
•    Understand the development process and the flow of information. 
•    Understand the description of the system, critical information and design decisions.
•    Implementing parametrized calculations and CAD designs.




  • You are a M.Sc. student within mechanical engineering, vehicle engineering, or engineering with a good understanding of modeling, and an interest in powertrain development. 




  • Thesis work 2022/2023



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